With the ever-changing weather climate, a polytunnel is the ideal solution for any gardener or family. It provides a sheltered environment for your plants to grow and a place where you and your family can enjoy spending time together growing healthy produce, flowers and shrubs for everyone to enjoy.

All our polytunnels can be supplied any length, in multiples of 6ft/1.8m


8ft/2.4m Wide Polytunnels

hoop spacing 6ft/1.8m apart

The smallest in our range, our 8ft/2.5m polytunnel range is ideal for town houses or those with small gardens. With straight sides, to maximise the use of space, two doors and cropbars, it has everything the large polytunnels have ensuring you can grow any crops you wish in this compact environment. An overall height of 7.5ft/2.3m gives a more spacious feel to the inside yet it will blend into any size garden.


14ft/4.3m Wide Polytunnels

hoop spacing 6ft/1.8m apart

For slightly more spacious gardens, our 14ft polytunnel range is an ideal starter size. With an overall height of 7ft/2.1m it blends in well without being overpowering. Using a typical layout of two paths, a main centre bed for the larger crops such as tomatoes and cucumber, with two smaller beds at each side for the smaller crops such as garlic, herbs, beetroot etc. you have loads of room for crop rotation and wheelbarrow access should you wish.


17ft/5.2m Wide Polytunnels

hoop spacing 6ft/1.8m apart

Suited to the more serious gardener, our 17ft range have longer crop bars to allow increased crop rotation, larger overall height, 8ft/2.4m and the ability to accommodate double sliding doors as an optional extra, this coupled with larger diameter thicker steel tubes rolled in an arch to allow a 6ft tall person to stand almost two foot from the edge of the tunnel, it certainly ticks all the boxes.


24ft, 7.3m Wide Polytunnels

hoop spacing 6ft/1.8m apart

Considered by most as the largest domestic unit, and indeed the entry model to the commercial side of growing, our 24ft polytunnel range are widely used by private gardeners, who have the space, time and growing knowledge which allows them to use the vast space to its potential. With straight sides and double doors at each end, the warm feeling of an open space where you can relax and watch their plants flourish, the 24ft polytunnel allows you to bring your complete outside garden inside.

What’s included in your kit?

My polytunnel is the best thing I have purchased since my retirement. Dean was a pleasure to deal with and has a wealth of knowledge and advice on polytunnels and growing. Living on the coast I needed a very strong polytunnel and that is what I got.

Patsy, Cliffoney, Co. Sligo