School Polytunnels

A polytunnel opens up an exciting new dimension to school gardening, an outdoor classroom where children can dig, pot, plant and explore with mother nature. Experiments on growth rates can help them to create charts for comparison and bring a sense of achievement.


At Gillespie polytunnels we value the needs of your school children so advise on which tunnel suits you, based on size and class numbers. Rather than you struggling to find a proper use we also offer ideas on best layout, unique to your schools requirements, where the children will produce delightful, organically grown vegetables, flowers for your schools window boxes and give you an outdoor classroom where kids can take ownership of their own plants, instilling responsibility, confidence and creativity.

Imagine the excitement of the children as they watch their precious plants grow in a protected environment, for both child and plant, the thrill of being taught outdoors where they can gain hands-on experience with nature and harvest the precious crops that they produced.

By introducing some charts for measuring growth, watering rates and temperatures, the children’s curiosity grows and you are well on the way to achieving a green Flag award, why not start an eco committee and explore all the aspects of bio-diversity of plants and creatures through companion planting and organic growing.

We will supply you with a guide which will show you what to sow and when to so it, can you afford not to invest in Gillespie Polytunnels?

My polytunnel is the best thing I have purchased since my retirement. Dean was a pleasure to deal with and has a wealth of knowledge and advice on polytunnels and growing. Living on the coast I needed a very strong polytunnel and that is what I got.


Patsy, Cliffoney, Co.Sligo