Here’s what’s included in your kit


All steel fully galvanised steel will last 20 years and will not rust or rot so has no maintenance

Ground anchors

These are driven into the ground and hold your hoops securely in position, made from heavy duty galvanised steel they ensure your tunnel is going nowhere no matter what the weather

Steel hoops

Galvanised steel tube, the strongest on the market, these are designed to withstand the most worst storms possible and hold the cropbars when you have them heavily laden with crops

Centre ridge bar

Running front to back above your head, the ridge bar keeps your hoops evenly spaced and gives enormous strength to your polytunnel

Crossover clamps

Manufactured in our workshop, our own design gives improved stability compared with the traditional U-bolt type

Corner brace bars

Essential to transfer wind loading away from your end hoops


Every polytunnel needs them, a fantastic method to tie up your tomatoes, cucumbers, beans- even grow strawberries down from them and keep them pest free.

Timber door frames

2 sets, 1 each end- tanalised timber, a door on each end is vital for airflow from a growing perspective

Timber hinged doors

1 each end- again, with a door at each end airflow can be controlled as well as temperature inside your polytunnel, remember-once your temperature goes above 26-28degrees you are starting to damage your plants


Zinc coated heavy duty 4” Tee hinges which won’t rust easily and ensure your door opens and closes without effort

Door latches

We take the worry out of the finer details such as size of hinges, door latches, screws and bolts- we have everything you need included in your kit


Fully galvanised these hold your brace, crop bars and door frames onto your hoops

Antihotspot tape

The tape sticks to the hoops and prevents chaffing of your polythene and insulates your polythene against the heat of the hoops, antihotspot tape greatly increases the lifespan of your cover

Super thermic polythene

700g polythene- non drip, anti-fog, UV protected, super thermic (an insulation property to retain heat inside the tunnel, keeping the soil temperature higher at night) and diffused (reduces shadows inside the tunnel, so a large plant won’t overshadow a small plant promoting better growth inside). The polythene carries a 5 year warranty.

Instructional Video

Covered by 2 cameras our video covers all aspects of building your polytunnel with a backup helpline available should you have any trouble, allowing you to erect and cover your polytunnel to same standard as the experts

We purchased a 17ft x 30ft polytunnel from Gillespie Polytunnels over 5 years ago. Living along the edge of the West Donegal coast on The Wild Atlantic Way we were worried that our polytunnel may not withstand the Atlantic storms as ours was to be the first in the area, and I was erecting it myself. The instruction video was very clear and made it easy to erect myself.  We chose Gillespie Polytunnels as they seemed to be the strongest on the market and they certainly have not let us down. I wash down the polythene every year and the tunnel still looks as good today as it did when we bought it. I would recommend Gillespie Polytunnels for a great product and service.

Malachy, Carrick, West Donegal